Birthday Livestream Tonight

May 16, 2020 | Music

Join LadyK and em.ash as we hold a virtual dance party for our friend Sky's birthday. LadyK will start the night off at 8pm PST and I will keep the vibe going from 10pm to 1am.
Sky's Birthday

As there’s more time to spend at home right now, I’ve switched up the format of reflections from a podcast style to a live stream.

This means I’ll be doing them more frequently and they will have a pretty loose structure.  Some nights it might be two hours, the next, maybe six.

After each live stream I will upload the audio to my soundcloud page where it will be available for download.

Check out some of my past livestreams

Reflections: Amapiano Warmup For LadyK

Reflections: Amapiano Warmup For LadyK

This was a night like no other! This is the live recording from my warmup set for LadyK, the world’s first pole-dancing DJ. This ‘sold-out’ show also featured internationally renowned pole dancers, Femme Natale and Stephanie Allester.

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Reflections: HomeBass3 on Gabriola

Reflections: HomeBass3 on Gabriola

I was invited to play a new monthly on Gabriola alongside The Fruit Stand. We had a great night of house music and a dedicated dancefloor crew who kept going all night. Many thanks to Turk and the Skol Pub.

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