Reflections: Electric Circus

Feb 19, 2024 | Reflections

Studio retake of my Otherworld 2023 set from Saturday morning from 4 am - 5 am.

What a night!  Wrapping up my Friday at Otherworld was a set of classic 1999-2000s trance and progressive for my friends at the Electric Circus sound stage.  This set encompasses my early rave years and the sounds I was drawn to in university.

The E.C. crew is from Nanaimo, BC and the sound was provided by Renegade Sound Collective.

Hey, remember that time we used to go out in Toronto and there was a live-to-air dance TV show, and we’d bust out some dance moves for the cameras, listen to some bitchin’ 90’s dance music, then go record a message for our moms and have it aired on national TV. You don’t?

Well, now you can. Only this time the music will be better, there’ll be a bunch of other cool events, and the camera crew won’t broadcast you on national TV dancing on a podium with some guy in a mesh shirt.

Reflections is an irregularly occurring dj series.


  1. Rapture (Creamer & Stephane K Remix) iiO
  2. Savanah (Arizona Mix) Savannah
  3. Airtight (Original Mix) Max Graham
  4. Tyrantanic (Slacker’s Kingdom Come Mix) Breeder
  5. Bar None (Original Mix) Max Graham
  6. Pushin’ Too Hard (Original Mix) Saints & Sinners
  7. Ubik (feat. Martin Bettinghaus) (The Dance) Timo Maas, Martin Bettinghaus
  8. For An Angel (PvD’s E-Werk Club Mix) Paul van Dyk

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