Reflections: Lampchanted Forest

Oct 23, 2023 | Reflections

A studio retake of my extended set on the Lampchanted Forest stage, Saturday night before the burn.

This was my final set at Otherworld 2023. It was the perfect culmination of an incredible weekend filled with performances on six different sound stages. I was particularly excited about playing on the forest stage because of the connection I had made with the Lamplit crew earlier in the year.

After wrapping up my set at Thirrrsty Barrr, I had a tight schedule to make it to the other side of Otherworld within an hour. Luckily, I found a friend with an art car who offered me a ride. We made a brief stop to check out another sound stage before heading towards the forest.

When we arrived, RVH’s set was at its peak. I was filled with a sense of joy from the weekend, overflowing with gratitude, and even a touch of confidence. Together, with the vibrant energy of the dance floor and the engaged atmosphere of the lounge, we delved into an extraordinary vibe. I truly hope that the essence of that remarkable experience resonates in this studio retake.

Reflections is an irregularly occurring dj series.


  1. Tesseract (Original Mix) Pablo Fierro
  2. Wait A Minute feat. NEZ (Dixon Extension) Radio Slave, NEZ (Chicago)
  3. You Can Dance Now (Original Mix) Liva K
  4. Nocturnal (Original Mix) Joezi
  5. Black Shine (Original Mix) Darksidevinyl
  6. Feeling good (Band&dos Remix) Shrii, The Angels (IL)
  7. We Belong (Hyenah‘s So Much Love Remix) Shredder SA, ADJUMA, Lyrical Ivy
  8. Out Out (N-YOU-UP Raw Dub Remix) Lazarusman, Yves Eaux, LevyM
  9. La Luna (Original Mix) Tektonauts, Armandd G
  10. Papi (Original Mix) Eden Shalev
  11. Poema (Depth Institute Remix) Hot Tuneik
  12. State Of Trance (Original Mix) Guy J
  13. Open 1.4.3 (Original Mix) James Harcourt
  14. Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix) Underworld
  15. Impossible (feat. Alison Goldfrapp) (&ME Remix) Royksopp, Alison Goldfrapp
  16. Rapture (Kenan Savrun Rework) IIO

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