Reflections: Dark Disco III

Oct 23, 2023 | Reflections

A recording from Dark Disco III at Quadratic Sound, Victoria, BC. The night featured sets from RAFH, em.ash, 2 Filters and a Dream, and Freya.

It’s been a few years since I played a show in Victoria and I’ve been wanting to get back there for a while.  Quadratic Sound is an intimate space with a comfortable atmosphere. Annual membership is $5 and supports local events and artists.

The dancefloor was dedicated and continued to grow until the last track of the night.  The energy was up all night and there was no sign of stopping as we pushed past closing.

I really had fun with my track selection and pushed some classic synthy disco sounds pumping with techno kicks.

Reflections is an irregularly occurring dj series.


  1. Shimmer Jonas Rathsman
  2. Bump (Original Mix) Volac
  3. The Girl Next Door (Original Mix) Adam Ten, Yamagucci
  4. Secret Places (Club Version) Echonomist, Avangart Tabldot, Alexandros Miaris
  5. Despo (Original Mix) Curses, Theus Mago
  6. Inner Tension (Original Mix) Black Circle
  7. Polarstern (Green Lake Project Remix) Der Dritte Raum
  8. Trommelmaschine (Martin Landsky Remix) Der Dritte Raum
  9. Let Go (Tinlicker ‘Extended 12 Inch’ Version) The Irrepressibles
  10. The Cage Of Love (Extended Mix) Raxon
  11. Work (Simple Jack Remix (Amine Edge & Dance Edit) Victor Ruiz
  12. Radha (Whitesquare Remix) The Organism

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