Reflections: Amapiano Warmup for LadyK Vol.2

May 17, 2023 | Reflections

Recorded live. I was honoured to set the vibe for the second installment of LadyK’s Sexy Lady Show at the #Waverley in #Cumberland, BC.

LadyK’s Sexy Lady Show (djladyk.ca) is a unique offering: a sizzling dance floor with powerful and sensual pole performances throughout. The whole night was an unabashed presentation of feminine empowerment at its finest!

Reflections is an irregularly occurring dj series.


  1. Uzungakhali feat. Sino Msolo (Original Mix) – BosPianii
  2. Sgija 3 (Original Mix) – TonicMotion, Kay Touch
  3. Sax Life (Original Mix) – DJ Moscow
  4. Settings (Original Mix) – Gunman, Wayne11, Gernie, Keedo’s Soul
  5. Mba-Mba (Dilemma) (Passa Beatz Remix) – Nickodemus, Sid Vaga, Beni-Fadi
  6. Raindance (Ckrono Moombahton Remix) – Side9000, Dryman Sound
  7. Damn feat. Major League DJz (Original Mix) – Major League DJz, D3AN, Smeez
  8. Big Flexa feat. C’Buda M, Alfa Kat, Banaba Des, Sdida, Man T (Original Mix) – C’buda M, Costa Titch, Sdida, Alfa Kat, Banaba Des
  9. Pepper (Original Mix) – Tribal Brothers
  10. Afriquoi – Balobi (Zed Bias Dub Mix) (Original Mix) – Afriquoi
  11. Visions (Original Mix) – She’s Drunk
  12. Log On (Original Mix) – Fiyahdred
  13. Ragga Don’t Sweat (Original Mix) – Piers Kirwan
  14. Woken Up (Original Mix) – KTM
  15. Whos Afraid of Detroit (P-80 Bootleg) – Claude Vonstroke

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