Premiere TBX features Umusa

Apr 26, 2023 | Music, News

Premiere TBX from Barcelona, Spain features the latest track from em.ash and LadyK, Umusa.

Premiere TBX features Umusa by em.ash and LadyK.

Pulsating melodic and emotive house music here from Western Canadian artists LadyK and RF label regular em.ash on the lush and melancholic Umusa single. Musicality is emphasized through the development of the swervy lead that pierces through the heavy low end while accents of organic percussion help to push the groove.

The first remix comes from RF label boss Rennie Foster in his signature post-Detroit techno futurist style while the younger West Coast rave generation is represented deftly by emerging producer Aspen King. King drops a modern bass-house masterclass that will surely shake a PK rig or two this festival season.

As we hurtle forward into more technology, it’s important to remember our humanity. Kindness means that we lead with our hearts; the world needs more kindness!

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