em.ash’s Top 5 Labels featured on The Noise Gate

Aug 22, 2019 | News

A fresh face merging in to the picture is the talented em.ash, most recently because of his debut release on Rennie Fosters, RF label, entitled ‘Earth Keepers’. A creative force amongst his local scene in Vancouver Island, he is now looking to spread his wings further.

Underworld – Pearls Girl Jam 080624
“UnderworldLive as a label is a direct line to the latest from electronic music pioneers Underworld.  The music released there encompasses my love of dance music.”

Rennie Foster – Just a Mask (em.ash Remix)
“I can’t do this list without RF.  Rennie and by extension the label have been very supportive.  I really appreciate how diverse the RF’s catalog is and look forward each release.  I’ve listed the first track I ever submitted to RF.”

Detroit Swindle ft. Jungle by Night – Call of the wild –
“House music, jazz, funk, soul, disco …  All of it! Heist has been huge in my life since I really started to pay attention to the house they’ve been putting out.  This is the sound of my church!”

Rhythm Assault  
Martin Buttrich & Timo Maas – Nach Acht –
“Rhythm Assault is a stand in for anything Martin Buttrich has touched.  His productions have influenced my ears since early days listening to Timo Maas’ Ubik.  It’s my kind of techno.”


Saved Records
THEMBA (SA) – Better Days (Original Mix) – 
“I always check out Saved for tech house.  If I’m ever looking for something big, I go there.  Consistent party tunes for years and years.”

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