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em.ash is a curator of underground dance music, creating a hypnotic mix of deep, groove-infused house and low slung techno on Vancouver Island.

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LeoLife Live on Forbidden Plateau

LeoLife Live on Forbidden Plateau

Presented by the 420 Dance Jam Collective. Let’s bring this pandemic to a close. As we step into new spaces, let’s take a moment to reflect on the spaces that we’ve come from.

Humility is the theme. The Forbidden Festival is to help celebrate the dance that we continued to do under the pressure to cease and distance.

A celebration that as we shed our past battles and step forward into a shifting and changing future we will continue as we have: Adapting. Adapting. Adapting and dance.

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Reflections: Quarintized 2

Check out my set from West Coast Audio Files’ virtual festival Quarintized 2. I was chosen to open the live stream and crafted a deep, rising journey to set the tone for the next 12 hours. It was a great experience and really nice to get such a positive reaction from the online community.

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em.ash is a curator of underground dance music, creating a hypnotic mix of deep, groove-infused house and low slung techno on Vancouver Island. He has performed with a diverse range of artists such as Fort Knox Five, Lee Rous (Plump DJs), Felix Leifur (Dirt Crew), Rennie Foster, Slynk, JPOD, Humans, Max Ulis, Sabota, Deko-ze, John Norman, John Glassey, Westerley, Agent Hooper, Lalu (R.I.P), Emily Spiller, Dubtecha, Mt. Eliah, The M-O-D, Sleepy and Jay Zoney.

He has remixes released on Haustronaut Recordings, BeatLounge Records and System Recordings. His festival inspired EP ‘Together’ was released in 2017 and his latest EP ‘Earth Keepers’ is forthcoming on Rennie Foster’s label RF in July 2019. His remix of Wolf Loup’s ‘The Quiet’ will be featured on Nootka Sounds’ vinyl release in 2020. He is currently working on a new project with Comox Valley artist LadyK focusing on syncopated rhythms and South African grooves.

em.ash was featured in the ‘WCU: West Coast Underground’ mix series in 2010. He teamed up with local fitness guru Leanne Zdebiak-Eni of Studio IPF, in 2011, to bring Bellyfit Live to Courtenay, supporting local charities and promoting an active, healthy self-image for women of all ages.

His debut album ‘heartbeat’ was independently released in the fall of 2012. He was actively involved with Elevate the Arts, a DIY art festival that reclaimed urban space, since its inception. He continues to work with community groups promoting the arts, culture, and inclusivity. The following two years saw EM.ASH tour with VIMA winner Emily Spiller, perform in Belize and Mexico and create the DJ duo TeamWork alongside Agent Hooper.

em.ash has been producing events throughout Vancouver Island and surrounding island communities for 15 years. He is part of OGP (Old Growth Productions) and was the driving force behind DELIGHT, a monthly night in the Comox Valley. He was part of the Atmosphere Gathering creative team and Little Island Productions. EM.ASH has been featured at parties and festivals such as; Diversity, Cumberland Wild, Lunar Landing, Foolin’ Around, Nootka Sounds Music Festival, Kluth, Big Time Out and countless intimate events across British Columbia.