Dance Television Premiers Earth Keepers

Jul 30, 2019 | News, Tracks

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Next up on Rennie Foster’s RF is Vancouver Island’s em.ash with three fresh new house tracks that come with a minimal remix from Adn-An.

em.ash is a key player in the North Island scene, who has released on international labels like Haustronaut Recordings, BeatLounge Records and System Recordings. He is actively involved in promoting various events, festivals and the arts, uses a mix of Roland and Akai tools to make his music and is also an abstract painter who self-released his debut album ‘Heartbeat’ back in 2012.

He is in fine form here with opener ‘Earth Keepers’ setting a nice deep house mood with gentle drums and light synth patterns. ‘In My Mind’ has militant marching drum sounds and lush, spiralling synths that add scale and colour to this most heartfelt house track. The adn remix is more direct, with crunchier drums but still a deep, immerse atmosphere thanks to the rippling keys and effects that get you in a trance.

Then comes ‘One Step Closer’, which continues in kaleidoscopic house fashion, with warm hits and rubbery drums coloured by neon synths and deft chords that bring a late night, romantic feel.

This is an original and inventive EP of delicate and moving deep house sounds.



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